Download Minecraft PE Abandoned Amusement Park Map 2022

Download the Minecraft Abandoned Amusement Park Map: explore fun rides and amazing places in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft Abandoned Amusement Park Map Features

One of the best features of Minecraft PE is its feature that gives players mobility to build outstanding structures like buildings, cities, amusement parks and so much more. Different kinds of blocks are available that players can use to turn their imagination into reality. Redstone makes the creation of structures that can have different functions possible.

Minecraft Abandoned Theme Park

Naturally, the Minecraft PE community is very creative and has been making wonderful creations that totally blow the minds of the players. Minecraft PE players have created gigantic amusement parks too.

Minecraft Abandoned Amusement Park Map is a forgotten amusement park. For some reason, players turned their back on it. Now you can explore this fully functional abandoned amusement park and enjoy its aesthetics, design, rides, and much more.

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Abandoned Theme Park

If you are looking for some brutal battle and want to feel like a warrior then Abandoned Theme Park for Minecraft PE is your best bet. This map brings the survival genre to Minecraft PE. Show no mercy to anyone on the battlefield and be the last one standing in ruthless PVP battles.

This Map is an abandoned theme park that is now turned into a PVP arena. This map has amazingly designed structures and places like a gold mine, small shacks, a clown head-looking attraction, and so much more. This map takes inspiration from the hunger games movies.

Rules are simple just Beat the hell out of your opponents and survive till the end. Up to 12 players can play this map so challenge your friend in the arena. Moreover, there are so many chests in the middle of this free Minecraft PE School Map containing handy stuff. We would suggest putting difficulty to peace for the best experience.


Unlike the last one, FunPark for Minecraft PE isn’t abandoned and it’s relatively a new amusement park map with so many different rides. Its unique feature is its 5 exceptional roller coasters. All these rides are functional.

Minecraft PE Fun Park

Moreover, this Map has our favorite multiplayer feature. So, it will be exciting to enjoy the rides and explore the places on this map. There are so many activities to do with your friends like riding roller coasters with your friends. Download now and enjoy!


Minecraft Abandoned Amusement Park Map FAQ

    They are truly gigantic.
    Yes, bring your friend to have fun.

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