Download Minecraft PE Airport Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft Airport Map: Experience the real airport environment and complete stages to reach the plane.

How Minecraft Airport map Work

Minecraft Airport Map brings amazing modifications to the classic Minecraft PE. This map will transform the game completely. This map brings a realistic airport as it contains check-in counters, waiting rooms and security guards with metal detectors, and much more. You can also enjoy more maps and all Minecraft Versions and Free Mod APK from our site.

Airport Map for Minecraft PE supports mods and addons that will create convenience in achieving goals. its great design and high-definition quality area treat for the eyes. Exploring the airport will be even more fun with friends.

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TN City

If you are a Minecraft PE fan then TN city must be your favorite one. This map has no compatibility issues even with the old versions of Minecraft PE brings many cities, plantations, restaurants, KFC, countryside, an exceptional airport, and many more.

Minecraft PE TN City

Everything is there that will give the feel of a big city. You can visit some places and others are just structures with no functionality. The airport especially is pretty awesome, has so much to explore and see. You can bring along your buddies for an even greater experience.

Queen International Airport

The Queen International Airport Map will make you fall in love with its flying airplanes, food court, and secondary airport. you will start from the runway of the planes. Afterward, you will need instructions from the terminals about what to do after landing.

Minecraft Queen International Airport

After that, you can wait in the waiting area while flight attendants wait for the plane or you can dine in at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Dunkin’Donuts. The in-game airport feels even more fun with the modifications available.


Miselville City Map for Minecraft PE has a humongous modern city infrastructure. This map has cities, large towns, factories, roads, awesome airports, and much more.

Minecraft Miselville City

Airport maps are aesthetically very well done. Everything from planes to airport buildings is very well designed. So many challenges to complete and such a large area to cover is definitely worthwhile. Nothing about this map is dull and boring.

Minecraft Airport Map FAQ

  1. How does the Airport map download?
    Download the map from our site, run it, and leave the rest to the installer.
  2. How is it installed in-game?
    Unzip the file, and start downloading then the file automatically upload in-game.

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