Download Minecraft PE Batcave Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Batcave Map: Explore the famous Batman hideout: Batcave in the Minecraft pocket edition.

Minecraft Batcave Map Highlights

The knight of Gotham city batman is one of the greatest fictional superheroes of all time. Minecraft Batcave Map brings the opportunity to explore the lair of batman which is the Batcave. Minecraft Batcave Map takes you on a tour of the place where batman keeps all his amazing stuff and Batmobiles.


Minecraft Batcave Map

Moreover, high-tech equipment, Batmobiles and much more are waiting for you. You will get so many batman skins to make you feel like a superhero. All of this so much more all in Minecraft Batcave Map.

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What’s new in Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave

Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave Map is the best Batcave Map for Minecraft PE. Creators took inspiration from the design of Batcave from the movie Batman: Arkham Knight. Every element of this Minecraft PE Abandoned Amusement Park Map is very carefully designed.

As it is a copy of shelter of the Batman you can keep your hopes high about the overall experience. this map has spacious rooms, extensive cave views, and Batmobiles. Everything is about this map is top-notch. Speaking of Batmobiles there are so many of them in this Minecraft PE map even you will be amazed to see a submarine in there. You can even find a sleeping room with two beds just in case you get tired.

The game starts from the entrance of the Batcave and there is also a button on the right side to open and close the entrance. Download Batman skins to make it even more fun.

Parkour Batman Edition

Players play Minecraft PE to have fun and sometimes wandering around without a purpose can be very boring. Parkour Batman Edition Map brings a challenging mission. You will have to escape the hijacked skyscraper.

You will have to parkour from bottom to top to reach the peak. Don’t forget to look for the secret clues that will tell you about who is behind the hijacking of the building.  It might seem easy but it is not that easy as there will be tricky hurdles along the way. But luckily there are checkpoints on the Parkour Batman Edition map.

This Minecraft PE Jailbreak Map 2022 also brings multiplayer too. Challenging your friends will be even more fun and exciting. This map is not that big and doesn’t take much time but it will be fun exploring hidden secrets with your buddies.


    Yeah, they are really big structures.
    Multiplayer mode is available.

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