Download Minecraft PE Block Hunt Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Block Hunt map: an epic thrilling location with the hidden treasure waiting for you to find.

Minecraft Block Hunt Map Highlights

Minecraft Block Hunt map gives you the ability to self-express and to realize your creative and bizarre ideas. Get your creative horses run wild and let your imagination take over as it’s all about innovative ideas.

Minecraft Block Hunt map is undoubtedly one of the most renowned minigames out there in the market. Luckily, for all Free Minecraft APK 2022 lovers, it brings many minigames to play and enjoy alone or with a bunch of your buddies. It is easy to play but at the same time, it’s tricky.

Even though the Minecraft Block Hunt map is relatively small but it has five rooms, a little castle, a forest, and even a mountain range.

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Original Block Hunt

This Minecraft PE map brings the never-seen abilities to the table. Gameplay is entirely dependent on these unique abilities. You got to be on one side randomly, either be a ruthless hunter or get mercilessly hunted.

The rules of this map are simple and easy to follow. At the start, all users go to two different teams automatically which are seekers and hiders. Choose what you want to be.

Minecraft Original Block Hunt

As you can anticipate from the names, some users will be seekers and the rest hiders. Seekers or hunters start after the hiders take their time to hide. Later hide by changing into the block and placing themselves anywhere they think best suitable to hide.

As a matter of fact, all Minecraft PE users are blocks now, so it’s less likely for anglers to spot you. Moreover, there are fewer shooters, but hiders still cannot fight but run.

To be exact, all the hiders are blocks trying to stay hidden from hunters. They still can see what is going on around them. Moreover, some shooters are also there. But hiders have to defend other than running.

FS Treasure Hunt

FS treasure map gives some different feeling from the later one. Its main idea has taken inspiration from the Roblox minigame. Players should stop looking for hiders and search for the hidden treasure chests around the excavation area.

Treasure chests have hidden diamonds, tools, and even armor to help you fight off the upcoming zombie horde. It seems an easy task but it’s not you have to explore the area and get the required tool to dig and spot treasure chests.

Minecraft PE FS Treasure Hunt

However, it’s not as much effort with many players as it’s alone. So, bring along your friends as it also has a multiplayer feature as well, divide conquer and have fun.

Minecraft Block Hunt map FAQ

  1. How do I hide?
    Find a hard-to-spot place and stay there.
  2. How to become a hunter?
    You can’t choose to be, it’s random.

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