Download Minecraft PE Disney Land Map for Android/iOS 2022

Free Download of Minecraft Disney Land Map of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android and iOS, there are some new adventures in this map that can be enjoyed with your friends, and also have some new Parks.

What’s new in Minecraft Disney Land Map?

In this Minecraft Disney Land Map, there are a lot of new parks and many new biomes are added to this Minecraft map. There is a world’s most interesting and famous park Minecraft Disney Amusement Part that is added to this Minecraft Map. Developers of Minecraft pay their full attention to this map and make this map full of joy and a lot of creativity is added to this Map.

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Disney Park

This Minecraft Map style is similar to the most famous park Disney park in which a lot of entertainment is placed. In this park boys and girls can join it and can enjoy it separately. Boys can enjoy on a roller coaster and girls can also play in Cinderella’s castle.


Here we share two types of Minecraft Disney Land Map listed below:

  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • Paris Disney Land

Tokyo Disney Land

This Minecraft Map is similar to Tokyo Disney land placed in Japan. Where people can enjoy a lot and do a lot of new adventurous things in this park, now Minecraft Player can also do this in Disney land Tokyo. The Player of Minecraft can explore two parks on this map.


Minecraft PE Disney Land Map

There are some beautiful and interesting areas of Tokyo Disney Land are listed below:

  • Pink Sea
  • Jungle
  • Mountains
  • Island
  • Space Mountain
  • Adventure Island
  • Fantasy Land

Paris Disney Land

This is the most famous and full of adventure and the largest park in Europe is Amusement Park. In this park, people can do anything they want and enjoy their life and time in this park. Developers of Minecraft take an idea from this park and make a new land or Minecraft Disney land Map called Paris Disney land.


Minecraft Disney Land Paris

In this Disney land, Minecraft players can enjoy a lot and they can spend their day and time with their friends on this map both males and females can join and take participate in this map. A considerable area is covered with beautiful parks and themed locations.

Players can also visit Disney Village on this Map and can take a Subway ride also in this map. And they can also take a rest in their favorite hotel and can taste their favorite food. The Mojang team takes almost five years in making this map. Minecraft Disney Map 2022 is the one of most interesting and best maps ever. You can check all versions and maps of Minecraft PE from our site MC APK.


  1. Is this map available on the lowest version of Minecraft?
    Ans: Yes; this map is available on every version of Minecraft.
  2. Can I play this map with my friend?
    Ans: Yes; you can play it as a Multiplier Mode and can enjoy it with your friends.

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