Download Minecraft PE Dropper Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft Dropper Map: Bringing youmanyfun challenges and locations to explore in Minecraft PE.

What’s different in Minecraft Dropper Map?

The dropper is one of the minigames that you can get pro at easily, it is easily recognizable and electrifyingly fun to play. It is relatively easy and the gameplay of Minecraft Dropper Map is a treat to your eyes and fun thirsty mind.

All you got to do in the dropper is to fall and move through different paths below you. However, what you must do is avoid the obstacles on your way down. Levels get twisted and different with each passing level.

It is guaranteed to have fun and even more fun when your friends join you to play online. Let the fun start by downloading Minecraft Dropper Map from our site MCAPK.

Absolutely Normal Dropper Map Minecraft PE

This Dropper Map features quite a few levels providing special design and distinct features to each of the levels. For example, you will get affected with nausea or get poisoned depending on the levels.

Minecraft Absolute Map

However, Levels are only three and are quite short, it takes 5 minutes to 15 minutes to finish these levels. The only difficulty is getting your grip on the dodging mechanism and perfect timing. Once your timing is set you are unbeatable.

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King of Dropper

Feeling bored? Then this dropper is your escape from boredom. The complication is what this one brings to the table. This dropper map has great and vibrant designs which make it appealing to the eyes. Featuring incredibly done 12 levels such as Tree, Rainbow, Mario, nature, and many more.

Minecraft PE King Of Dropper

Levels have a wide range of esthetics, Rainbow level definitely is going to light up the day, on the nether and frozen give creeps to players. There are a few exciting easter eggs waiting for you to uncover.

Water Dropper

This Minecraft PE Mod APK Free Download dropper is almost like other droppers but has a new twist that makes it most unique. This water-based map supports multiplayer, provides unique challenges, and has exceptional building.

Minecraft Water Dropper Overview

Its aquatic environment makes its mechanics vastly different from other droppers. Gives you the feeling of sinking into the water. Water dropper is so much fun with your buddies. Enjoy!

Minecraft Dropper Map FAQ

  1. What to do to clear the Minecraft PE dropper map?
    All you need to do is to reach the end by avoiding obstacles.
  2. Are these maps useful?
    They are definitely going to make your reflexes better.


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