Download Minecraft PE Equestria Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Equestria Map: amazing creation that takes you on a tour of My little pony’s world: Equestria in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft Equestria Map Highlights

The wonderful world of My Little Pony is called Equestria. All epic and drama-full adventures of My little pony take place in this very place. The Creative Minecraft community always does so much with their mild imagination. From making huge cities to worlds of animated series, their creativity knows no limit.


Minecraft PE Equestria Map Overview

Now you can visit the amazing world that you always wanted to in your childhood. This Minecraft Equestria Map brings the fabulous world of My Little Pony: The Equestria. You will get to experience a lot of giant cities, the main locations of Minecraft Equestria Map like Everfree forest. My Little Pony: Friendship is a Magic map is of the best little pony maps out there.

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This map has it all from your favorite location from the original animated series to the exploration element of Mod APK Minecraft. This amazing creation of DimaSparkle is just awesome for its design and its experience, it takes the cake. Not only you will get to explore famous locations, but you will also be able to fully explore most of them all in Minecraft Equestria Map.

Minecraft PE Equestria Map Location

Furthermore, there is an exceptionally designed castle that looks like an arena reigning in its glory in the clouds of this map. there are a few skyscrapers waiting for you to explore. These enormous structures make your exploration worthwhile and take quite a long time to climb and explore.

Rainbow House Dash and Town Hall Square are also on this Minecraft PE map. You will get fantastic towers, glittery corridors and so much more on this Minecraft Equestria Map.


As you can expect from the Minecraft community, they just love to make eye-catching stuff like cities, towns, and skyscrapers wherever they want.

Little Pony: Friendship is Magic map features amazingly designed towns and cities in MCPE. There will always be new things to explore like houses, tall cathedrals, supermarkets and so much more.

Everyone wants more, this map has huge structures, you can also go inside and explore these buildings and uncover the secrets inside.

You will be pleased to see your favorite locations from the My little pony’s world: Equestria like Rainbow Castle in the mountains and Sweet Apple Farm. Rainbow House Dash and Town Hall Square make this make even more fun. Download Minecraft Equestria Map and get mesmerized by its amazing design.


  1. How I can install Minecraft Equestria Map?
    Ans: You can easily download and install this map from our site after downloading completely it will automatically upload in-game.
  2. Can I play this map on all versions of Minecraft?
    Ans: Yes; the user can play this map on all versions of Minecraft.

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