Download Minecraft PE Find the Button Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Find the Button Map: Challenge the trickery of the creators and find cleverly hidden buttons in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Find the Button Map features

A very attractive feature about Minecraft PE is that you are not tied up to one genre. This game provides an enormous number of genres to choose from. Adventure, exploration, wars, hide and seek, and much more this game gives you all that need. So many options to choose from in all versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Find Button Feature

However, Minecraft APK Find the Button Map is definitely one of the most fun and interesting Free Download Minecraft Bloxnite map. Fun is never-ending as you can play repetitively. All you got to do is to find the hidden button. It might seem easy, but it’s not. The button is hidden so cleverly that even if it’s in front of you won’t be able to find it easily.

Hidden Buttons

This Minecraft Find the Button Map will challenge your patience as not being able to find the buttons could be annoying. Hidden Buttons Map for Minecraft pocket edition brings 7 different levels. You got to look for all secret buttons or levers obviously but this map also challenges your parkour skills.

Buttons on this map are very cunningly hidden often you will get annoyed and are nowhere near easy to locate. But Hint book is there to help you out and you can get clues about the reason for your annoyance. Hidden Buttons Map has 7 amazing levels (Art Gallery, Barn, Button Room, Catacombs, Maze, Office, and Parkour) that will offer frustrating yet oddly satisfying challenges.

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The Mystery of the Lost Button

The Mystery of the Lost Button is just as amazing a map as others having visually pleasing and vibrant locations. Environment and design are specifically made to hide buttons that will make things difficult. You will realize when you find buttons that they were right in front of you and the setting of this Minecraft PE Map tricked your vision.

However, Map supports co-op so bring your friend along and have fun. Eventually, if you discover the hiding patterns of creators, it will be a piece of cake. Minecraft PE fans will definitely love the experience this map gives. Download and enjoy!

Minecraft Find the Button Map FAQ

  1. HOW MANY LEVELS ARE there on the map?
    Different maps have different levels.
  2. I couldn’t FIND THE BUTTON?
    Try even harder and look closely.

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