Download Minecraft PE Floor is Lava Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft The Floor Is Lava Map: Save yourself from falling into hot lava and get over challenges to reach the end

Minecraft The floor is a lava Map Overview

Minecraft The Floor Is Lava Map is one of the famous adventurous maps. The map itself is not complicated. Only having a simple room and lava floor it’s not hard to get hang of it. You need to reach the ending point plus you can collect hidden stuff too.

Minecraft PE Floor is Lava Map Overview

As you can anticipate, you will have to go through the map avoiding the floor. Firstly, you can examine the room thoroughly. Then you are set to go on your lava adventure. Dearly loved by many Minecraft PE maps this surely will provide what you want.

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Parkour Floor Is Lava Map is quite popular among the Minecraft PE community. There won’t be any surprises on this map as you can walk around the whole area. After you have decided your strategy to win, you can push the button to start the real deal.

Minecraft PE Parkour Floor is Lava

After you push the button that is in the middle of the room, ten seconds countdown will start. After that, the floor will be lava and you will not like falling into it, trust me. You will be back from where you started. Rules are simple, reach the next level without getting burned. Besides that, you can collect five nether stars to make it even harder.

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Hard Edition

Minecraft The Floor Is Lava Map: Hard Edition is kind of the same as the other but has something new. Rules are the same avoid falling into the lava. Go through the long parkour and reach the end. What makes it harder is that it has no spawn point you will have to start over.

It gets annoying every time you fall in lava because the game throws you back where you started. No matter how much progress you have made, a little mistake you will be back at the start of the tunnel.


Fan of the storyline? This map is for you. In House Floor Is Lava Map you will have to clear the long parkour. After that, you will be able to get to the helicopter that will rescue you from the map area you are trying to escape. Luckily, this six-level map does provide checkpoints at each level. Download now and enjoy!

Minecraft The Floor Is Lava Map FAQ

  1. Is this map is easy to install?
    Ans: By just clicking on the download button map starts downloading, after downloading it will automatically install in the game.
  2. Is this map is suitable for every version of the Minecraft pocket edition?
    Ans: Yes you can enjoy it on all versions of Minecraft PE.

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