Download Minecraft PE Hide And Seek Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Hide and Seek map: Now popular minigame is playable with a different setting and even more adrenaline-pumping exciting challenge

What New in Minecraft Hide And Seek Map?

Hide and seek mode has been in the market for quite a long time. It is nearly as old as the Minecraft PE itself. From the name you can conclude this genre requires many people because it is all about players’ interaction.

Rules are as the traditional hide and seek one player has to find the others while they are trying to hide in the trickiest places on the map. Rules are simple and having is fun while playing is guaranteed.

DJ’s Hide and Seek

Minecraft Hide And Seek Map are of great quality. Its download size is quite large as it is 92 MB you will get a lot of places for hiding so there is a very high possibility for fun and you can enjoy it in all versions of Minecraft. This map includes lush forests, floating islands, haunting dungeons, and a small town.

Minecraft Dj Hide and Seek overview

As you can imagine more the places and areas to hide in Minecraft PE v1.14 the more it is challenging to find other players. So greater the challenges greater the fun.

BEMZ Hide and Seek

This map provides a bit more variety also retaining the same old feature of Free Download Minecraft PE. In this map mostly you will spend time underground hideaways. Huge dungeons, vast halls, and hidden passages make it even more fun. If seekers spot you die also get the weapon to defend yourself.

Minecraft BEMZ Hide & Seek Overview

You can hide anywhere you want in the cave, the village, or the mansion but the thing guaranteed is fun. This kind of open-world map provides limitless opportunities.

Hide and Seek by Faishal RA

In this map, the developer has added a lot of intriguing stuff to explore. So many secrets are placed in the locations for you to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find interesting revelations.

There are thirty unique scenes for all the members in this map that will fit wishes from common to the craziest of wishes. Moreover, you will get three separate floors structured to play in Minecraft PE.

Jackson’s Hide and Seek

This map is unique as it combines hide and seek with more dynamic stuff, like PVE. It has two parts. One, you can play hide and seek on a huge hide and seek map. Second, one player can spawn mobs on the other to mess them up in the arena.

Developers have added many different Minecraft Hide And Seek Map arenas where you can have fun with friends and hide as well. This map includes great castles, woods, and savaged lands.

Minecraft Hide And Seek Map FAQ

  1. How to play hide and seek?
    Ans. Players hide and the seeker tries to find them.
  2. What if you are caught?
    Ans. You might die or you might become an observer.

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