Download Minecraft PE Hotel Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft Hotel Map: Give yourself a comforting break from your exhausting adventures in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft Hotel Map Overview

Minecraft PE is no doubt very fun and nerve-wracking sometimes too. Even too much of your fun adventures can be really boring at times. Who doesn’t want to take a break from the incessant boring schedule?

Minecraft Hotel Map is specifically designed to give you the comfort you have been longing for. Put aside all your tasks and nurture yourself in this amazing Hotel Map. You will get all that you desire on a vacation from pools to restrooms. As you know, it is even more fun with friends.

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The traditional map for Free Minecraft Mod Apk 2022 has great aesthetics and design. It might be simple but it is no less than a gigantic mansion. There is much space, bring along your buddies and have fun like never before.

Minecraft Traditional hotel Map

You are going to get, Giant corridors to walk in and huge sleeping rooms, a library, and much more. Even though the building has only two floors, exploring them is going to take so much time as they are very large. Besides that, there are some secret places you need to explore.

Rooms Riddle

Rooms riddle Map is more or less a quest map. Put your brains to the test and think critically about the clues to reach the objective. Solve different mind-boggling puzzles. Players will have to find clues about the rooms of 13 clients living at the hotel and sort them out to find the rooms of each client.“Five houses riddle of Einstein” is the inspiration of this map.


Ceranese Hotel Map is not like others. Features amazing design and visuals on 38 floors. The developers added great details on everything from exterior to interior. Everything in this map is so comforting to the eye. This map has 150+ Standard Rooms, 12 Penthouse Suites, 12 Luxurious Suites, 14 Executive Suites, 10 Long Suites, Minecraft’s Largest Wine Cellar, Nightclub and so much that you can possibly imagine.

Minecraft Ceranese Map


Tommylnnit Map for Minecraft PE is relatively small and you can also play these maps on Minecraft ios. Having 9 floors total all having different purposes, this Hotel map is surrounded by a fence. This map has the main lobby, stairs to go up and down, a few floors reserved for quests, and finally reserved floors for VIPS. You will get all the comfortable stuff here and stuff worth your while.

Minecraft Hotel Map FAQ

  1. Is this map is suitable for every version of Minecraft?
    Ans. Yes, users can enjoy this map on all versions of Minecraft.
  2. How a player can download this map?
    Ans. Visit our site to download this map, it’s simple and easy to download.

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