Minecraft Pocket Edition Hunger Games Map For Android/iOS

Download Minecraft Hunger Games Map: Challenge your friend in the arena and show them who is the real deal.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map

Minecraft Hunger Games Map is quite popular among the Minecraft PE community. It is a fighting and survival map. players start in the center of the arena then the countdown starts giving players collect the chests. These chests contain stuff that will come in handy during battle.

After the countdown ends, players will have to look into the chests and collect valuable stuff to use in the battle. Then after that deadly battle starts and surviving till the end is the key to victory.

Fancy Invaders

This old Minecraft Hunger Games Map compels players to do everything on their own. Players won’t find any command block in this MCPE Map so prepare yourself to do all the work. This map does work on almost all versions of the game. This map supports multiplayer up to four players each having their own team.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map

The game begins after the countdown ends, started by one of the players. to make the game even more adrenaline-pumping there are also three ghosts in the sky of the map. but to unleash them you will have to break the clay holding them down. Ghosts will make Hunger Games Map even more deadly and exciting.

Classic Hunger Games

Classic Hunger Games Map saves you from doing all the effort yourself. which means there are command blocks available in this Minecraft Hunger Games Map. players start from the lobby players get stuff to use in battle from there. Afterward, players go to the next room and the game starts.

Modern Hunger Games

Modern Hunger Games Map is quite convenient thanks to its automatic systems. This Minecraft PE Hotel map so much time and effort. This map support both single and multiplayer modes. You can have fun alone or bring your buddies as your teammates. Two to three players make a team.

You can have a look at the condition of all the players in the arena all thanks to the table on the right side of the screen. Modern Hunger Games Map can be played as much you want due to its automatic reset feature. Map returns to its original state when the game is over and players go back to the lobby.

Minecraft Hunger Games Map FAQ

  1. Is this map is suitable for every version of Minecraft Pocket Edition?
    Ans: Yes; users can play this map on all versions.
  2. How I can download and install this map?
    Ans: By just clicking on the download button you can download this map and after downloading completely it will automatically upload in the game.

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