Download Minecraft PE Island of Eden Map For Android/iOS 2022

Free Download Minecraft Island of Eden Map 2022 For Pocket Edition in which you can find all types of wool blocks and many other things. Players can also enjoy these features with their friends.

Minecraft Island of Eden Map

In Download Minecraft Island of Eden Map 2022, you can see a lot of new things and items. Players can also find wool blocks and many other eggs on this map. On the island of Eden, Map players can also find many different secrets, Easter Eggs, and Puzzles. Users can also find a huge number of different possibilities. Users can also use some cards that can swing survival mode and they make this map more interesting and joyful.


What’s Special in Minecraft Island of Eden Map?

In this map of Minecraft PE, a lot of new things are added. Users can enjoy all tests on this Island of Eden Map. There are too many difficulties in surviving on this map because all of these islands are too high in the sky. And there is too must difficult to survive in this condition. But there is an interesting thing for users they can explore all islands on this map with the help of secrets and Easter eggs.

Minecraft PE Island of Eden Map

There are new blocks are added to this island of Eden Map. One of the most interesting wool blocks is also added to this Map but there is one secret between this block and users. These blocks are hidden and the task for the user is to find these blocks from secret places. This map starts when any user finds these blocks.

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Special Island

In this Download Minecraft Island of Eden Map 2022, there are some special or hidden islands. Players enter this island from an unusual island, there is a large spider-shaped island. The user must go through cobwebs while it is finding a wool block, after crossing all of these steps user got a wool block and enter Download Minecraft Island of Eden Map 2022.

There is also another hidden or secret island called Big Sheep. It’s called big sheep by its shape it looks like a ship. There are also some steps and secrets to finding the wool. When the user passes all these steps they got the wool block.


  1. Is this map easy to install?
    ANS: Yes; simply click on the download button, downloading starts after completion of downloading it will automatically upload in-game.
  2. Is this map available on all versions?
    ANS: Yes; this map is available on all versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can enjoy it on all versions of Minecraft.

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