Download Minecraft PE Jailbreak Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft Jailbreak Map: Put your bravery and intelligence to the test while and dare to escape the prison.

Minecraft Jailbreak Map Overview

Minecraft Jailbreak Map for the adventure of players is never-ending, nobody likes playing usual boring survival games. If you long for adventure that will put you through various logical tests then the Minecraft Jailbreak Map is perfect for you.

Minecraft PE Jailbreak Overview

Players got to escape the prison in these maps, but it is not as easy as it seems. Players will have to explore new places, solve riddles, and think stuff out straight. Think you are smart? Get on and test your brains.


Raid Minecraft Jailbreak map is specifically designed to play with your friend. It does involve role-play, some got to play the warden and the rest of them will be prisoners trying to make a desperate escape. At least two players and a maximum of five players can play this mind-boggling map.

However, prisoners have to find loopholes and try to run for freedom. On the other hand, overseers must ensure that prisoners won’t get any chance to escape. You can play these maps also on Download Minecraft PC or MAC.


The name of this map tells you the whole story about this map, it is pretty short, to be honest. Players won’t be getting a lot of time to spend on the Short Minecraft Jailbreak Map. If players go through it without any haste even then it takes five to seven minutes to finish.

Adventure mode begins to prevent the player from breaking the map. To break any blocks, you need special items. And you can get them only through attentiveness and ingenuity.

Adventure mode does put hurdles in the way of players to prevent the conquering of the map. You will be needing specialized items to break any blocks. Think you can get those items easily? Adventure mode will make to reconsider.


Previous ones are not hard enough for you? Try out even a superior adventurous map. The jailbreak adventure map for the free Download Minecraft PE APK is vastly different from others. Creators took inspiration from Roblox prison and jailbreak maps for this one.

Minecraft Jailbreak Adventure

Firstly, the player has to break the toilet with a hammer. Afterward, the player needs to kill the policemen to get their hand on the key card. Only this key card will get you entry to the police room and get useful items from there.

Items like swords and shields will come in handy. Finally, the player will have to clear the sewers, go through the parkour and get your freedom. The player will have to plan out the whole escape, need to figure out how to deal with obstacles, and open closed field doors. The jailbreak adventure for the Minecraft PE Brawl Star Map will definitely give you great challenges. Go ahead and break your way out!

Minecraft Jailbreak Map FAQ

  1. How are maps installed in Minecraft PE?
    Ans: Simply by just clicking a download button after downloading the complete map automatically install in-game.
  2. Is this map is available on every version?
    Ans: Yes you can play this map on all versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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