Download Minecraft PE London Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft London Map: Explore THE London, one of the most amazing cities in the world in Minecraft PE

Minecraft London Map Highlights

Everyone living on planet earth wishes to visit London and explore its historical places and architecture. The capital of the kingdom of England has so many sights that will mesmerize you. London even became the capital of the whole world during the 19th and 20th centuries.


Minecraft PE London Map Overview

London will just amaze you with its amazing statue, historical buildings, museums, amazing creations from all around the world, amazing scenery, and more.

As expected from the Minecraft PE community they tried to replicate the experience of London in Minecraft PE. Download Minecraft London Map 2022 will give you exactly what you need to have fun and explore. As we know London city itself is so huge it’s not possible to replicate it completely. So, creators could only replicate only a part of London. But this map is quite big and has so much to explore.

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City Center

Download Minecraft London Map 2022 is well known for its amazing architecture and great clocks like the big Ben that stands tall at the heart of the city. You can experience it on this Minecraft PE map. The famous bridge, Big Ben, historical buildings, sculptures, and monuments are on the map just like London.

Parliament of the united kingdom’s queen is also on this map, feel free to go and check out what is going in there. You will find the House of Commons members there and you can walk in and join them while they are discussing stuff.

Trafalgar Square and admire Horatio Nelson’s statue are both there for you to get a taste of them. Most exciting thing is that Her Majesty the queen is always free in the Minecraft pocket edition so, don’t forget to visit her and pay respect.

This Minecraft London Map 2022 also has many living quarters alongside themes. Also, there is enormous stuff to do and explore all on Minecraft London Map. This Minecraft PE map will make you feel like a resident of London without even visiting real London with its exceptional design and feel. Even though it features just the part of London but still it doesn’t compromise on quality. Everything is just topnotch on the Free Download Minecraft Mod APK 2022.


  1. Is this map available on the lowest version of Minecraft?
    Ans: Yes; the user can play this map on all versions of Minecraft.
  2. What about London Map Theme?
    Ans: The Theme of the map is rather Big.

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