Download Minecraft PE McDonalds Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft McDonalds Map: Explore the world’s one of the most famous food chains in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft McDonalds Map

There are only a handful of food chains that can be recognized with one name and McDonalds is one of them. A place where you get your favorite fast food in a short time. Minecraft McDonalds Map download has been one of the most famous brands in the world.


Minecraft PE McDonalds Map Overview

Now you can explore McDonald’s in Minecraft McDonalds Map and even you would love the food in this MCPE map. so, what are you waiting for? Download Mcdonald’s map for Minecraft PE and let your inner detective go wild.

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Mystery 1

Download Minecraft McDonalds Map 2022 Mystery 1 brings the adventure flavor to the table. You will have to play around as the detective and solve the mysterious events happening on the Mcdonald’s Mystery 1 map. you will have to get through with the main villain called Ronald. There are three awesome chapters of this mystery quest in this free Minecraft PE McDonalds Map.

There is something wrong going on. Don’t get distracted by the calm and peaceful environment after the closure of Mcdonald’s. You will have to investigate the interior of the restaurant as there will be signs of bloodshed. Find the clues out there and you will be able to catch the culprit using them.

Mystery 2

Download Minecraft McDonalds Map 2022 Mystery 2 takes place after the events of the first one. The player will now go to a place called MineVille after surviving the forest in this MCPE map. things will seem normal at first but they are not and you will realize that later on.

Here you will find people laying dead after eating poisoned Mcdonald’s food meaning the culprit has brutally killed them. Now you will have to find the root of the problem which is the factory making harmful food and destroying it once and for all.

Mystery 3

Now comes the final part of the Ronald saga. You will have to deal with Ronald and stop this maniac from killing more innocent in Mcdonald’s Mystery 2 map. three chapters of this map will put a great challenge.

In the first chapter, you will have to go through Mcdonald’s and escape Ronald’s nightmares. In the second chapter, you will have to go to an underground tunnel where Ronald burns his stuff. In the final chapter, you will need with main culprit Ronald and kill him for good in this Minecraft PE map.


  1. How are maps installed in Minecraft PE?
    Ans: It’s So simple to install in Minecraft PE by just clicking on the download button. It will automatically be installed in the game.
  2. Is this map available on every version of Minecraft PE?
    Ans: Yes; it is available on every version of Minecraft PE.


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