Download Minecraft PE My little pony Map 2022

Free download of Minecraft My little pony Map of Minecraft pocket edition and in this map, you can enjoy the game by using more powers and many other new items.

Minecraft PE My little pony Map

The concept of this map is taken from a cartoon serial. In childhood, everyone must watch this cartoon by the name Minecraft My little pony Map. The story of this cartoon is very interesting; the name of the pony is twilight sparkle. Twilight Sparkle was sent to a city whose name is ponneville.

Minecraft PE My little pony Map

In this city, they meet with more other ponies. All of these have their own abilities and power. And they use their powers. By this concept, the Minecraft pocket edition adds these ponies’ content to this map. Now players can easily use all six ponies’ power and abilities on this map.

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The ability and power of all ponies are below:

  • Twilight Sparkle’s Star Bow: The ability and power of this pony is a star type of explosion that occurs when it blows the group of mobs or blocks.
  • Pinkie Pie’s Inferno Rod: the power of this pony is too high it burns all mobs or blocks that come near to it and the fire effect occurs.
  • Rarity’s Gravity Trident: the ability of this pony is to knock back any mobs when they try to throw tridents toward it.
  • Fluttershy’s Ice Shovel: the ability of this pony is so interesting; they catch the mobs that come near into the ice chamber.
  • Applejack’s Magnetic Ball: by the use of this pony power player can make a cool rainbow in the path of the mobs.
  • Rainbow light Dash’s Sword: this pony power is the most powerful power as compared to other ponies. It strikes the enemies with powerful light within a radius of 20 blocks.


Equestria is a country in Minecraft pocket edition, in this game you can go to the country of Equestria while playing my little pony map. There are more interesting places and items in this country. And one more interesting thing there is a character with multi five lives.

Minecraft My little pony Map

In this country, players can also visit other places like libraries, clock towers, bowling centers, and many other different places. Thanks, Minecraft for this amazing and interesting map.


  1. How do I install the map?
    Downloading link is attached to our site where you can easily download the My little pony Map.
  2. How do I update my little pony map in Minecraft?
    Just download this map by clicking on the Download button. It will automatically upload in-game.

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