Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14.3

Free download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14 overworld update. Many new blocks are added with a lot of new achievements and many bugs are also fixed in this update.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14

Developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14 Mojang Studio works too hard and brings new updates with a lot of new achievements and new content and they also fix bugs and issues of this version. With this update, users can place boasts exactly where they want them to appear.


It was a major issue, especially when it came to stern chases. Overall, this update should fix all known issues. Download Minecraft PE 0.16 includes a relatively small update compared to the major overhauls. However, it does feature some beautifully designed and useful blocks.


Additionally, developers presented Ender pearls, but they cannot be obtained since they do not work. Additionally, even Creative users are unable to acquire them.

Minecraft Pocket edition v0.14 Gameplay

There are still tons of new Minecarts to choose from like the TNT Minecart or the chest minecart. It’s free to store stuff in the first one and blow up caves with the second one in Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14.


In this version of the Minecraft pocket edition, a lot of new features are added like witch huts and location in the swamp area. In this update, you can find new blocks. In addition to the exclusive highlight, this version contains a random potion, so if you have an empty bottle, you can drink some right away.


In Minecraft PE Maps are introduced for the first time. And players can find it in nine papers only. Users will still have to find Redstone and Iron since you have to apply a compass to the map for it to display your location.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Map

While it is possible to navigate without it, it is much more challenging. Additionally, if you wish to zoom in or out or clone it, create and use an anvil.


In contrast, Minecraft PE 0.14 uses item frames that can be applied to anything you hold. Consequently, one can place a sword, a stone, or a piece of armor on it. The fact is, hunting in the swamps or wandering through the forest can result in a surplus of slime balls.

Fortunately, Download Free Minecraft PE 0.17 has added slime blocks that consist of nine slime drops. Item frames are made from sticks and one lot of leather, which differ from the sounds found in the Java Edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.14 FAQ

  1. Do I need to kill witches?
    Ans. Yes, otherwise they kill you.
  2. Are withes attacking villagers?
    Ans. Yes, they hurt villagers.
  3. How do I make a map?
    Ans. You can make a map with just only nine sheets of paper.

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