Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.10

Free download of Minecraft pocket edition v0.15 in which you can enjoy new features and content. Developers try to make games more enjoyable and reliable.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15

In this update of Minecraft, too many new features are added that make the game more enjoyable and interesting. Pistons, horses, donkeys, and much new content are added in this version.


Mojang studio adds many new extra features in this update and they also fix some bugs and issues. Transportation systems are also added in this update.

Furthermore, players can also see the bizarre feature in this Free Minecraft PE iOS v0.15. one more thing is pig riding which makes the game more interesting is also added in this Free Minecraft PE v0.17. You can also check the new and updated Minecraft PE v1.13 from our site MCAPK.

Minecraft PE v0.15 Gameplay

With this updated gameplay of the Minecraft pocket edition, v0.15 became more interesting because too much new content and features are added in this update which as donkeys, horses, pigs, etc.

With the help of these features, you can enjoy more as compared to an older version. You can ride on a donkey and it also helps to stuff your luggage. Same as the horse is also used for riding and language transportation.

Zombies and skeletons are also added in this update. husks are found in deserts and wandering in tundras. As a personal effect, they differ from each other.


In Minecraft pocket edition v0.15 brand new items jungle temples are added. A variety of new features and new blocks are added in this version. Special places are added where you can hide and no one can find you ever. These places are called abounded places and forgotten places.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Jungle view

When the ancient temple is discovered, it is surrounded by protection, and even traps are laid to fend off the invaders. Into the wall of the temple, there are two hidden dispensers. There are also two cheats in this version, and one of them is hidden.


In Minecraft PE v0.15 developers add some items for transportation like; horses, donkeys, pigs,s mules, etc. by the help of these items you can transport your language from one place to another place and you can also use it for riding.

Minecraft PE Animals

With the help of a carrot and saddle, you can control the pig. It’s slow in speed but you can boost its speed with carrots. Horses are more powerful and intelligent animals for riding and transportation. it helps more during mountain riding.


In this update, some items are used as a tool by the help of these items you can make the game easy. Carrot and stick are one of them by the help of this you can control pig speed and direction etc.

Minecraft PE items

On the other hand, a fire charge is also added in this update. Players can find it by itself in fortresses. Horses are also so helpful animals in Minecraft, if you want to keep an eye on your animals you can tie it with a fence.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15 FAQ

  1. How I can train a horse?
    Ans. By mounting you can tame your horse.
  2. How I can boost pig speed?
    Ans. With the help of a carrot and saddle, you can boost pig speed.
  3. How do I find a jungle temple?
    Ans. You can find it because it generates seldom.

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