Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.0

Free Download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17 on android: in this update, a lot of new blocks are added and the final boss of the game is also added in this version.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17

Finally, Minecraft developers present a new update in which a lot of new features are added that make the game more enjoyable and interesting. It also fixed some issues and major bugs of Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17.


Now users enjoy it more as compared to the previous version. With this update, the game becomes so reliable and interesting. Ender dragon is one of the most interesting features in this update. It is the more powerful and dangerous item in Free Download Minecraft Mod APK and Free Download Minecraft PE v1.1.

Players have unlimited new achievements and goals in this update. There are some new features listed below that help to make the game more enjoyable. You can download all Minecraft Versions of Minecraft PE from MCAPK.

The Portal

In this version of Minecraft, you need blaze road and powder for beating the final boss. Because it’s so difficult to kill the real boss in this game. With the help of these materials, you can help in real boss fighting.

Minecraft PE Portal overview

Thus, you will need to spend time in the mines in order to find diamonds after getting to the Nether. In addition, you can also kill ender men in Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17. Furthermore, your new adventure start and they will lead you towards the ender dragon.

The Dragon

The players will immediately notice a grimy atmosphere when they enter the End dimension. No light is available, but no torches are needed. Build your way up to the main island before the Ender Dragon pushes you over.

Minecraft Ender Dragon

The goal in Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17 is to destroy the End Crystals perched atop the obsidian towers. When there is no life chance left start a battle against a big boss and it cannot heal anymore. In the end, you can collect Enders’s dragon egg.

The End

In Minecraft pocket edition v0.17 there’s no point in staying here after you’ve accomplished your goal, but there’s also the Outer End. In this version, you can also find yonder-end cities. This is an irregular area with various chorus plants and teensy isles etc.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.17 FAQ

  1. What I can do with ender pearl?
    Ans. Users can use ender pearl for teleport.
  2. How many Ender’s Dragon health power Have?
    Ans. It has 200 Health Powers.

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