Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0.9

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0, in which various features and contents are added. The final boss and various new blocks are also added in this update.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0

In this update of the Free Minecraft pocket edition, 1.0 very interesting and amazing new content and features are added. For example, giant boss new features are added in this update. Ender men are also added in this version. You must check the upcoming Minecraft PE v1.2 with just one click.


Players will face difficulties during raids or attacks. Ender dragons are also added in this Free Minecraft IOS, it has huge hitting power. It is one of the strongest attackers in Minecraft Mod Apk, you must train them before going to raid or attack.


In Minecraft PE 1.0, the snowy regions have changed a bit since a new dungeon can spawn in those vast and barren lands. Igloos look so beautiful because igloos are made of snow, it has carpeted floor, and also have a furnace.

Minecraft Igloo view

The Fifty percent chance of a secret lab spawning in Minecraft may seem insignificant, but trust me, it’s a real possibility. Right next to them is a completely non-suspicious brewing stand that inadvertently hints that experiments were conducted here. You can also get several iron bars and many new contents or tables in Minecraft Pocket edition v1.0.

Ender Dragons

Once they use their Eyes of Ender forged from blaze powder and add Ender Pearls, Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0 will be unable to defeat it. The hitting power of the ender dragon is too high. Sometimes it takes too much high damage and fires a fireball on players, which affects their health highly.

Minecraft PE Ender Dragon

Despite that, when you kill the game’s final boss. You’ll be able to grab the egg hidden on the bedrock monument in the middle of the main island. Dragon is the strongest content as a fighter in Minecraft v1.0.


In Minecraft buildings are made of blocks but, in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0 purple blocks are used for building construction. For your personal use, you can mine unlimited quantities. In this update there is one more interesting content is ender chest.

Minecraft PE Blocks Shape

In this when you put one item on the truck it will show it on another item. It is much beneficial for users you can access its one storage at any place in the world. In this version, a lot of many new blocks have been added that help to improve gameplay.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0 FAQ

  1. What I can get from Ender Dragon?
    Ans. You can get eggs from the ender dragon.
  2. How much dragon is stronger?
    Ans. It has 200 health power and it is too stronger as compared to others.
  3. How I can kill ender Dragon?
    Ans. By the use of all martial skins and material and all power, you can beat them.

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