Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.1.5

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.1 in discovery update is released. In this update, a lot of new features are added like, concrete blocks, magma blocks, skin bags, and many more new features are added in this update.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.1

Mojang teams released more new content in this update in which dozens of rooms are generated in dark woods by enormous locations. The place where these rooms are generated is called a woodland mansion. It has too many rooms where you can spend a lot of time.

The developers have introduced a plethora of wonder-looking blocks and dungeons that are both terrifying and intriguing. In the future now you can see all of these contents in a separate library of the Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.1.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.1 Mobs

In this version of Minecraft pocket edition v1.1, a lot of new mobs are added like bizarre mobs and evokers, etc. in this version you can also attack players by using underground chew.

Minecraft PE Mobs

One more interesting mob is vexing, by the use of vexes you can disturb and irritate another player. Brave and uncontrollable users can use iron axes that can be found in vindicator mobs. you can also see more mobs in the upcoming Minecraft PE v1.5.


Developers of Minecraft update unique and different types of blocks. By the use of concrete, block players can make a beautiful and strong building. Now a day’s these types of building construction methods are unique.

How to make concrete In minecraft

Concrete block is the part of the henceforth game, you can make concrete blocks with the help of sand and though. Now 32 different types of blocks are in the Minecraft pocket edition 1.1 version.

Other blocks

In Download Latest Minecraft Mod APK there are also different blocks used in the construction of the world. The glazed terracotta is one of them that is also used in construction. It looks so beautiful due to its different shades of color. And it is totally different from other blocks.

You can make terracotta blocks by just only melting terracotta which is dried clay in Minecraft PE 1.1 version. By melting this you can make glazed terracotta blocks. There is one more interesting thing in this player can dye these blocks with a different color that looks so beautiful and gorgeous.

Skins and texture

Skin and texture are new features that are also added in Minecraft PE v1.4 free. Minecraft developer’s team decided to give this feature free to the users. Survivor features by Eneija, kings, paupers, and sports by Razzleberry Fox are also added in this update.

Minecraft PE v1.1 FAQ

  1. What I can do with Llama?
    Ans. You can tame it.
  2. How do I build a caravan?
    Ans. With the help of llamas, you can establish a caravan.

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