Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10.0

Free download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10 in which you can see many changes in gameplay and many blocks are added in this update.

What’s New in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10

After a long break finally; Mojang studio brings new updates in which villages and pillages, rouges, new blocks, and new structures are added. In this update, you can see unique features traders are wondering about around the world. You can also play these versions on Minecraft APK For iOS or iPhone and Minecraft APK For PC or MAC also.


Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10 Features

They are selling nothing special but you can get at least two chains from them.  You can eliminate him by getting two goats which are always in his volunteer. You can visit all Minecraft Latest Versions of the Minecraft Pocket edition.


In Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10 pillagers outstation are towers around all over the world. However, they do not appear in biomes other than in villages. The place is constantly swarming with pillagers.

If you want some experience then you must visit their outstation. It’s not difficult to find them, but a chest lies on top of them. And they have arrows and crossbows.

Pillager captains also spawn there silently. If you want to attack them first of all you must kill one of them.  Free Download Minecraft PE v1.15 team improves gameplay very hardly, that’s very good news for players.

Mojang team developers of Minecraft PE added gathering places where all residents can gather. Minecraft team also added a bell feature in this update.


In this updated brand, new and fantastic features are added that’s called ravager. It appears during a raid on another player’s village for hostile a player. Ravager is extraordinarily strong but only iron golems can stop him.


Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10 team brings a very exciting update in this update there is one more brand new item is a shield. With the help of this, you can protect your village from an opponent’s attack. This can be activated by sitting down. With the help of a shield flag pattern also appeared.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Shield


Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10 updates change the game with new content and many other items. In this update, some new blocks are added. The born fire and pulpit are separate now. Once you start the fire it turns on for an unlimited time in this update.

FAQ Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.10

  1. When traders disappear in Minecraft 1.10?
    Ans: it disappears automatically within two days.
  2. Are outstation rare?
    Ans: No; you can find it easily.
  3. How do residents get their profession?
    Ans: first of all get their bed then block decided the profession of residents.

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