Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11.4

In this update of the Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11, you can see many changes and improvements in the gameplay. In this update, you can protect your village from attack and also enjoy the game by trading with your village.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11 New features

Mojang studios pay their full attention to the new updates and bring new content in this update. They decided to work on villages and other content in this update. In this update, new citizens can live in it with a new getup. Your village could be raided at any time in this update. If you want to enjoy the Latest Minecraft Mod APK Download.


Features Of Minecraft PE v1.11

Developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11 update village and pillage features in this update, in which you can see a lot of adventures and experiences. In this update of the Latest Minecraft APK, there is a trading system with massive raids and attacks.

Mojang team update the game by adding new content and some minor fixes. Because many players are confused about their village work. But by the hard-working of the team, this error was also fixed.

There are some new features added by the Mojang team in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11:

  • villages and pillages
  • Raids or attacks
  • Blocks

Villages and pillages

Villages and pillages is the major update in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11. This update is totally connected with villages, in this update, you can raid each other villages and also trade with your village.

Minecraft PE Village And Pillage

Mojang Studios redesigned villages. Now you can see new houses and build in Minecraft pocket edition v1.11. Desert cities are also available in this update which is made with sandstone.

Raids or Attacks

In this update of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11 now can raid or attack each other villages easily. As an example, the boss bar, which also appears during raids, now works properly.

Minecraft PE Raid And Attack View

Once you attack another village and you destroy the opponent’s village then your player will receive and effect “Hero of Village”. During the attack, if your commander hands up then the opponent commander will receive the same effect as a hero.


Mojang team developers of Minecraft pocket edition update some useful blocks in this update. With the help of this update now you can fry food not only stove but also on fire. In this update sharpener, stone cutter, and smelting furnace were also added.

FAQ OF Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11

  1. What happened when you raid on the village?
    Ans: When you raid on a village and you get the victory. You got the hero of the village title. And if you lose opponent got the same title.
  2. How I can avoid starting a raid while visiting the village?
    Ans: By drinking milk you can stop the raid while visiting the village.
  3. What happened if I leave the village during a raid?
    Ans: Your raid will disappear automatically within two days

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