Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12.1

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12 free in which the Mojang team adds new content, minor improvements, makes game sound and graphics of games good. Add new features command block and remove some bugs and make game reliable and enjoyable for users.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12

Finally, Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12 in this update Mojang team improve gameplay with new features like commands, blocks, and cameras. They also remove and fix some bugs and errors in the game.


Minecraft Features

New commands and blocks are added in this version. Now players can enjoy the game as compared to the previous version. In this, you can also encounter unique and new mobs. Here you can also check Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16.

Since many of its most crucial aspects have been improved, sandbox survival should feel much better now than it did before. In this update, Swift elytra are less lezzy.

In the Minecraft pocket edition 1.12 version, only one new block is added, but this block is useless. In this update, there is no special work of camera block. There are no more guns and no biome or new mobs in this update. You can also check Minecraft Mod APK IOS or Latest Minecraft PC.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12 Command blocks

With the new version, map builders aren’t concerned about repeaters in order to identify delays. This can be done in the command unit directly. You can write the required number of bars in a specific field. In Minecraft pocket edition v1.12 if you enter a command during traveling it automatically close.

Minecraft Command Block

In this update, the developer increased their number in that players can be more creative through the contraption. In this update there is also a spawn area where players can spawn easily, it is specified by the spawn radius game rule. It will be easy on public servers where spawn places are always different.


there are extra splashes in this update. In Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12 developer Dev introduces dozen of dashes. Bamboo and seagrass are new designs in Minecraft 1.12. Barrels got their own section in inventory. One of the most thrilling things in this edition is to auto-fills command block.


Minecraft team working too hard on technical fixes to make the game more reliable. Mojang team fixes multiple ender dragon issues, now they cannot spawn at once in gameplay.

By the way, Nintendo switches users cannot be logging in to their Microsoft account, the Mojang team also fix it. With the hard-working of the Minecraft team your game working once again with all adventures and explorers.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12 FAQ

  1. Is this update stable for playing?
    Ans: Yes this update is stable for playing.
  2. Can I take pictures with a camera?
    Ans: No, you can’t.
  3. How do I turn off auto-fill features in Minecraft 1.12?
    Ans: No, You cannot turn off it. It automatically turns on during gameplay.

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