Download Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13.1

Download Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13 village and pillage free in android. There are more improvements in this update with a lot of new content and fixing too many bugs and also having many changes.

Features of Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13

In this update, the Minecraft team improves the game’s performance but players are not appreciating them for their hard work due to some lagging during gameplay. Mojang teams also fix it and make the game so reliable and update new features. They unlocked beam me up achievement once again. For this achievement, you must travel more than one hundred blocks with one ender pearl shot.


Minecraft Pocket edition Blocks Features

In this update, you can see foxes in tundras and in snowy taigas in gameplay. Mojang team really does a remarkable job and makes the game more enjoyable and better. You can also check Minecraft PE v1.18 and all Minecraft versions and Minecraft Maps.

Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13 adds a new item that helps build a world called numerous blocks. You can also play sandbox on your low-speed or low-performance devices. Minecraft fixed a huge problem for players; there are no more crashes in gameplay which makes players so annoying.

New content in Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13

There are some new content added by the Mojang team is listed below:

  • Brown Cows
  • Foxes
  • Blocks
  • White Rose
  • Structure Blocks
  • Latest Graphics

You can see all of this content in the updated version of the Updated Minecraft Mod APK. This content makes Minecraft so reliable and enjoyable for players. And developers also try to make Minecraft error-free.

Minecraft PE Gameplay

In Minecraft Pocket edition v1.13 there’s an annoying bug during hiking of mountains. Some innovative players fall down during hiking in mountains. Minecraft developer’s team fixes this bug now you can easily climb mountains.

Minecraft Pocket edition Gameplay

Now your skin can be used as your custom skin. Many players give us feedback, the chest was invisible which is not normal. Mojang team fixes this and also fixes portal issues.


  1. How I can see the brown cow?
    Ans: brown cows must be struck by lightning.
  2. What happened when I kill a pillager captain?
    Ans: When you enter any world the raid will start.
  3. What is the favorite food of foxes?
    Ans: Berries are the favorite food of foxes.
  4. What can foxes do?
    Ans: They hunt chickens by jumping on them.

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