Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.15.0.56

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.15 in android. In this version, the Mojang team changed a lot of things to improve gameplay and create new content, and also fixed bugs and issue which occurs during gameplay.

New features in Minecraft pocket edition v1.15

In these version developers of Minecraft pocket edition has decided to improve gameplay and make java and bedrock edition equal. So there are a lot of changes in this version of Free Minecraft APK. Developers improve the gameplay engine now more phones are similar in temperament to the game.

With these features now phones with the lowest Android version and Free Minecraft Mod APK For IOS can enjoy Minecraft 1.15. Mojang team promise you can play both editions of java and bedrock at the same time. After a lot of hard work they had done it, now you can enjoy both editions in the same way. You can see more new features in the next update Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7.


There are some improvements in this version; Craftable entities such as boats now take damage from cacti. When the eyes of the ender are used it explodes. In this version players also can find conduit power in rain. And there is one more interesting improvement now players can find pumpkins easily.

In this version, developers improve gameplay so the strongest and the weakest phone can play Minecraft easily. The animation and graphics of Minecraft also improved. The 3D view of items looks so beautiful and pretty and it looks a bit more real.

Minecraft PE v1.15 GamePlay

Moan team received many complaints about Ender Dragon fire damage too much in gameplay. Then developers adjust the damage rate of dragon fire.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.15

Honey blocks can be used in two by two grids in the making of the workbench. Zombies, wolves, ocelots, and skeletons are the main warning for snappers.

Technical Fix

Mojang Studio also working on fixes and bugs. Players complain there are buttons on games without anything Mojang team fixed it. The village and pillage are also updated now you can raid others.

Another issue occurs the bar on the top of the game was not working properly; it was also fixed by Mojang Studio. Developers trying to make the Minecraft pocket edition more enjoyable and relaxing with updates and technical fixes or bugs.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.15 FAQ

  1. What is the main change in the Minecraft pocket edition 1.15 version?
    Ans: To make java and bedrock edition of game equal and minor other improvements.
  2. Raids work properly in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.15?
    Ans: yes Mojang team fix it.
  3. Is there any new content?
    Ans: no; it’s all about fixes or bugs

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