Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16.230.56

Mojang developer of Minecraft pocket edition v1.16 updates some features in this update in which you can enjoy mine deep slate, eat glowing berries and meet new axolotls.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16

Mojang studio announce various changes in the Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16 like, characters, blocks, craft, fixes, features, etc. in this new version of Minecraft pocket edition 1.16 character’s characteristics have been changed. You can check the latest version of Minecraft PE v1.18 with only one click.


In this new generation, Players can also enjoy caves and mountains, in addition, meet new mobs, and can enjoy with them in Free Download Minecraft Mod Apk. Mojang studio developers of Minecraft work very hard in this version and improve the stability and performance of the game. There are some new features listed below:

  • Deep slate
  • Glowing lichen
  • Axolotl
  • Glow berries

Deep Slate

In the Latest Minecraft PE Mod APK 1.16 version deep slates are similar to stone: both blocks are the same in shape and strong in properties.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16

In the beginning, when mining it is not an entire block fall out but it’s in crushed version. Fragments must be burnt in a furnace to make them into a solid form. Deep slate is only produced in the upper world.

Glowing Lichen

Glowing lichen can be found in caves of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16. The plant is very attractive because the light is emitting from the vines of the plant it looks so attractive.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16

Lichen can be attached on all the sides of the block-like the top side of the block bottom side of the block and both sides of the block. Lichen can easily spread to neighboring blocks if a bone meal has been used. In another case, a player will waste their items. Using scissors, it’s only one way to get this plant.


These creations of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16 are found only in water. Taking the character out of the water will cause them to suffer fatal damage and cause them to die. The player can be surrounded by crowds of enemies, such as drowned people, when they are in the water.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16

Cute axolotls will come to the rescue in this case. In order to protect the player, these mobs will shield him and defend him from enemy attacks. Further, axolotls can assist with regeneration and relieve tiredness in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16.

Glow Berries

Minecraft 1.16 players have the option of eating glow berries. These Plants bring out naturally in the lush cave of the new biome version. When berries are fed to foxes, they will breed. One vine can yield as many as five berries at the same time.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.16 Technical Fix

Mojang team developers of Minecraft pocket edition update new version. They are not working only on updating they are also fixing their technical issue and solving their bugs. The team improve the game and fix some bugs for making the game more joyful and interesting. There is some technical issue are in the following:

  • Mojang team fix an animation controller which is not working after reloading the map with a saddled dragon.
  • Turn offloading of structure in custom biome features.
  • In graphics, Mojang studio fixed the screen resolution issue in resizing the window.
  • Fixed issue players can not interact with tools in their inventory after breaking the blocks.


  1. Can I climb a goat?
    Ans: No, you can’t climb or ride a goat.
  2. How do I collect new snow blocks?
    Ans: you can collect new snow blocks by using the basket.
  3. Can I make powder snow?
    Ans: No, you can’t make but you can find it.

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