Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17.41

Download the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17 and enjoy new features with updated graphic display and other changes.

What’s new in Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 version

Mojang studio the developers of Minecraft update the latest version of Free Minecraft Mod APK 2022 1.17 caves and cliffs. In this update, players will enjoy a huge number of different items. They will prove to be an invaluable tool while exploring the revamped cube world. You can also download Minecraft free versions and the latest Free Minecraft Maps from our site MCAPK.


There are some new features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17 are in below:

  • Spyglass
  • Amethyst
  • Stony Peaks
  • Render Dragon
  • Melting Ore
  • Tinted Glasses

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17


A new Item has been added in Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 that is very useful for the players. Players of clave and cliffs explore their worlds. In this update to the survey, the sandbox is much easier than before. By using the spyglass, the user can observe your region even from distance.

In this update Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17 by using a telescope, it is possible to view over 100 blocks away from the player. If you are using a telescope continuously square frame appears and is collapse automatically.

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Mojang the developer team of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17 in this update the players can be treasure hunters from the depth of earth. In the previous updates, players can only find diamonds and emeralds but now they can find amethyst as well. This purple stone (Amethyst) is found in a special hole in the world of the game.

Minecraft PE Amethyst

Stony Peaks

Mojang studio the developers of Minecraft 1.17 updates stony peaks. In the previous version, players couldn’t see snow caps on mountains that are generated by warm biomes. But in this update biome that’s called stony peaks can be seen there, which helps to improve the gameplay of Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 caves and cliffs.

Render Dragon

In this Minecraft 1.17 update, Mojang studio updates a new graphics engine. Now players can enjoy the new update and they can see a small render dragon at the top of the screen. In this update, developers find new tools, and users can only improve optimization.

Melting Ore

In this update the developers of Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 introduce new mining ore like; cooper, gold, and iron. A copper, gold, or iron block falls when mining for those ores, and in the previous versions axe are used for mining this ore.

Smelting ores is another way for mining ores called raw material. You can remelt your useless metals according to their relevant use.

Tinted Glass

In this feature Mojang team of Minecraft 1.17 updated a small but very interesting item. By the use of tint glass features, you can make your own new traps and structures.

In the Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17, it can be used to watch hostile mobs anonymously. Tint glass features also can transmit light only in a specific direction.

Technical Fix Minecraft PE 1.17

Minecraft pocket edition 1.17 version’s developers are not working only on updates it also working on their technical fix. It fixes some technical bugs from Minecraft 1.17 version. Now you can see the following improvements in Minecraft 1.17 version:

  • Diamonds generation is fixed, players will find diamonds during mining by visiting new unloaded chunks.
  • Blue axolotls are the rarest type of Minecraft 1.17 version. Now it can find easily, players can make it by breeding.
  • Whenever the player walks through the water, the game switches to swimming mode. It’s irritating every player. Mojang fixed this issue in Minecraft 1.17 version.
  • Goat’s long jump is unaffected by the jump boost. In the previous version, jump boost doesn’t affect goats but the Mojang team fixed this bug now by the hitting of player goats also jump too much high.
  • In the previous version, Axolotls tries to leave the water but in the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.17 Mojang team fix the bug. Now Axolotl swims in the pool instead of leaving the water.


  1. Can I moderate a goat in Minecraft 1.17?
    Ans: No, you can’t, you can only milk it.
  2. What is the process of making a candle?
    Ans: Use honeycomb and String to make a candle.
  3. How do I find Amethyst Geodes?
    Ans: They spawn everywhere in the world.

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