Download Minecraft Pocket edition v1.2.20.2

Free download of Minecraft Pocket edition v1.2 in which you can see different types of new contents, features, and mobs also you can see the latest chemistry updates in this version.

Minecraft Pocket edition v1.2 features

In this update of the Minecraft Pocket edition v1.2, a lot of new content is added including which dolphins, new mobs, and chemistry updates are major updates. In Minecraft Mod APK technical bugs and fixes are also covered in this update. Mojang team also added some new oceans, new water physics, and new dolphins are also added in this updated version of Minecraft v1.7 from our site MCAPK.


Mobs and generation

In this sandbox survival mode, a lot of new features are added. In this update, dolphins are not spawning in the frozen areas but you can find them in updated water. You can also check up on the next Minecraft version of Minecraft with just one click of Free Minecraft PE v1.6.

Minecraft PE Mobs

One more interesting thing is that dolphin is quite fish, they can’t attack you whenever you attack them. It is also the fastest creativity underwater. In the next update, you can see more interesting items and you can also make building on frozen ponds, cold and lukewarm.


Dolphins is the most interesting and amazing creation by a team of Minecraft. It is spawning at every place of aquatic because it is a neutral mob. And one more thing it can’t spawn in the frozen areas. They didn’t attack you whenever you attack it. In this update of Minecraft 1.2 dolphins also receive new sounds.

Minecraft PE Dolphins

Chemistry Update

In this update of Minecraft very interesting items are added by using this you can make many new items and can do new experiments. You need to enable Experimental Gameplay in your world’s settings, however, in order to access the chemical stuff.

Minecraft chemistry Update Overview

By the use of this you can make some things that are listed below:

  • With the help of this, you can construct elements.
  • You can also make a compound creator by using this.
  • You can also find a lap table there and super fertilizer
  • In this update, the medicine portions are also added to the chemistry update.
  • You can also find underground glow sticks in this update.

Minecraft Pocket edition v1.2 FAQ

  1. Can I drive Dolphins?
    Ans. No; you cannot drive dolphins.
  2. How do I get chemical stuff?
    Ans. Go to setting and select chemistry update.

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