Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4.4

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4 on Android; in this version, players can see new features and contents, like new dolphins, treasure hunting, tridents, and a variety of new items in this version.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4

Developers of Minecraft update the latest aquatic version in this update which has been divided into two parts. Ocean biomes and new fishes and bubbles columns are also new features of this update.

Sandbox survival is also added in this update by the Mojang team. With the hard work of the Minecraft team now players can enjoy the game more as compared to a Minecraft PE v0.15 and also enjoy its Mod apk on IOS and PC. Oceans, little lakes, and many new blocks are added in this update.



There are several new blocks in this update, in which warm oceans and vibrant blocks are added. Corals can be obtained with a tool enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment. However, they are only placed underwater. And corals come in five different ways; tube, horn, bubble, brain, and fire. You can also see new and unique blocks in the Minecraft PE v1.0.

Buried Treasure

In this update of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4, treasures are buried under the earth, it’s difficult to find them but; you can do it and find buried treasures the right way. You can find maps of the treasure in the oceans of the world. The map is divided into different pieces you can find the right way of treasure by collecting map pieces.

Buried Treasure Map

Besides, players should grab some shovels since excavating the entire island could be extremely backbreaking. Although it might seem amateurish and ordinary, in reality, it contains a wealth of potential. Sometimes chest takes a lot of time in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4 because it generates underwater.

Seagrass and Pickles

In this update of the Minecraft pocket edition 1.4 version, you can see the new content of seagrass and pickles. You can find this in the oceans. You can also collect it from warm tropical water. Only four pickles can be placed in one block and melt it into the dye.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seagrass


In Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4 shipwrecks are another item that is used to take a breath underwater. During those days, sailors were prone to run aground or into icebergs. Expert players make their own legacy that is forgotten under the oceans.

Minecraft PE Shipwreck

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.4 FAQ

  1. How I can find dolphins in Minecraft 1.4?
    Ans. It is difficult to find because it spawns all around the water.
  2. Can I Tame dolphins?
    Ans. No; you can’t tame dolphins.
  3. Where do I use seagrass?
    Ans. You can use it at home for aquarium

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