Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6.2

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6 with latest update aquatic and brand new contents with new amazing blocks, berries, slow falling effect, new arrows and potions, and many other new changes.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6

By the hard-working developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6 is released in which bundles of new features you can see and enjoy during gameplay. Minecraft teams update aquatic and phantoms now in this version.



Minecraft adds many different features in this update phantom is one of the new features added in Minecraft 1.16 by the Mojang team. During Minecon Earth 2017, this creature won the Mob Vote. If you want to enjoy the New Minecraft PE 1.12 you can get it with just one click of the Minecraft Mod apk latest.

Minecraft PE Phantom

Phantoms are also called monsters of night skies. Taking off after unrest users, it soars high into the sky. However, they usually appear on the third day of insomnia. Phantoms won’t bother you unless you don’t sleep for three consecutive nights.


In Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6 barriers are one of the new blocks added in this update. A normal player can’t approach this item. Because this is available only in creative mode.

Minecraft Blocks

The only ones who can use this block are those who make maps due to its durability. Barrier block can’t break easily or be destroyed because it is invisible.

New Items

When Phantoms are killed, their membranes drop; this item is used for crafting the Slow Falling potion. It’s true there are arrows with the Slow Falling effect, so you could affect someone from a distance. In Minecraft PE v1.11, users can repair their elytra with membranes, but you can no longer use common leather for this purpose.


Minecraft pocket edition 1.6 updates new rules in this version. During a detonation of underwater TNT, players and mobs are no longer hurt. Users are forced to use phantom membranes in order to fix their elytra.

In this update, there is also one new feature barrier block. It is invisible and hard to destroy. There is evidence that phantoms spawn in groups of one-three species simultaneously. Their attacking strategy is quite sophisticated, so they will be difficult to deal with.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.6 FAQ

  1. How do I fight with a phantom?
    Ans. By the use of arrows or bows, you can fight with phantoms.
  2. Is barrier block in survival mode?
    Ans. No there is no barrier block in survival mode; it will be in creative mode.
  3. Can I make a barrier block?
    Ans. No, you cannot make a barrier block in Minecraft 1.6.

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