Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8.1

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8 and enjoy new content like cats and pandas, new amazing blocks, bamboos, brand new cats, scaffolding, and many new achievements added in this update.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8

In the Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8, you can see too many new contents and many new features like scaffolding, brand new cats, stray cats, new blocks, dyes, and many new achievements with the new game rule are added in this update. With just one click you can get Minecraft APK.


There are some new features listed below:

  • Cats
  • New Blocks and items
  • Pandas
  • Crossbows
  • Ocelots

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Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8 Features

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8 features are in below:


Stray cats are added in the Minecraft PE version. They come from the jungle and wander around the village streets. These skins are different from each other.

Minecraft PE cats

It is impossible to change the color of a gray cat, a red cat, or any other hue. You will get treats in the morning when your cat sleeps on your bed. Toms still scare away creepers and meow quite often.

Blocks and Items

In this update of Minecraft it’s really thanks to bamboo now we can make real scaffolding. Players can make towers by using a bundle of vegetables and rope. These features are added to this version of Minecraft.

There’s also another chance in this update that players can use blue, white, brown, and black stains, respectively, instead of lapis lazuli, bone meal, cocoa bean, and ink sacs.


One of the most interesting creations of Minecraft is the panda, they are found in forests with jungles of bamboo. Players also face some pandas during gameplay.

Minecraft PE pandas

Panda’s favorite food is bamboo and cakes. In the lush forests around the world, you’ll find lazy, angry, ill, cheerful, and worried people.


Ocelots and cats are now individual animals with their own behavior. One more thing about ocelots they cannot be controlled. You can only help by becoming friends with them. Once they become friends they don’t be afraid of you.


A crossbow is a weapon used in Minecraft by players to hit their enemies. It’s a very dangerous weapon and takes much power from enemies. Crossbows only use arrows you can’t use any other things like bolts and strings.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.8 FAQ

  1. How do I train stray kids in Minecraft 1.8?
    By the use of raw fish, you can train it.
  2. Can I tame a panda?
    No; you can’t tame it.
  3. Can ocelots become friends?
    Yes, you can tame them by eating them raw fish.

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