Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9.0

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9 free on any android device. In this update, there are a lot of new blocks and new content and commanders are always ready to raid on the opponent village.

New features of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9

Finally, developers of the Minecraft Mojang team update another part of villages and villages. New pillagers will invest in towns and Minecraft Maps that are added in this update. There are too many new features added in this update and you will see more improvements in the Free Minecraft PE v1.14.


Minecraft PE v1.9 Features

Due to the update of this version now you can’t find easily some blocks and raiders and many other things. But there are still some items that can be found in Latest Minecraft Mod APK.


With the help of developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9, bamboo forests are added in this update. These forests are the homeland of pandas and sub biome of jungles.

In this update, players can collect a huge amount of bamboo in Minecraft 1.9. You can feed pandas, and they don’t mind. You can only see podzol and ordinary grass in forests or jungles. And you can’t find any pyramids in these jungles or forests.


In this update, there are quite a few non-functional construction elements, such as blocks for fletching, smithing, and cartography. Minecraft team also added a blast furnace, barrels, and smokers with bells in this update. But these items are not currently used yet.

Only flowers are working in this update. You can see cornflowers and lilies of valleys in the woods and plains respectively. Both of these items are used for dying or coloring.


Burglars are the new outstanding addition in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9. Players and peaceful citizens are in danger from those grey-skinned villagers.

Minecraft PE Pillager v1.9

They are only available via experimental gameplay. And you can’t misjudge them. It turns out that the pillagers use crossbows. Each owner has twenty-four health points and drops arrows when they are killed in Minecraft 1.9.

Others Features

  • Minecraft team added new splashes in the main menu of the game.
  • Some blocks are changed from moss stone to mossy stone.
  • Now cauldrons have the ability to store lava, which is a great option to store lava.

FAQ Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9

  1. How I can get the bell in Minecraft 1.9?
    Ans: you can get it by using experimental gameplay.
  2. Are pillagers strong?
    Ans: Pillagers have normal power.
  3. How I can find the lily of the valley?
    Ans: you can find it only in forests.

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