Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14.60

Download the free Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14 with great enhancements and many new contents, bees, and many more.

New Features in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14

Great developers came with new ideas and content; every player is waiting for them. In this update, Minecraft brings many improvements in the gameplay.


Sandbox survival buildings are launched on more devices; not only on a mobile phone it also launch in a console or Play station and Download Minecraft PC. Nintendo Switch and Play station 4 finally working properly. Some products are not working on these devices. But Minecraft solved the problems and many other issues of players.

Buzzy bee the flying creatives are also added in this update. Buzzy bee update introduces honey in the game and you can collect it with bottles. Your used containers cannot get back when you craft a honey block. Mojang studios fixed many errors in this update that cause some problems in Latest Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14 GamePlay

Minecraft developers receive much feedback about the auto-jumping systems. Some players don’t like it but, some mobile players really enjoy it. You can also check more Minecraft Versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition at MCAPK.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14

There was a problem with the door. When the player walks through the door it performs an auto jump, which is so ridiculous and annoying.  Mojang studios solved it in Minecraft pocket edition 1.14. Now you can also place bamboo in plots.

Technical Fix

Theirs are some bugs in the previous version which are fixed in this update by Mojang studios developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.14. The majority of improvements are related to the Bedrock edition.  The extreme speed runner problem at any platform has been solved in this update.

Too many crashes that occurred during gameplay are fixed permanently. It’s so beneficial for players; because they cannot lose the progress of any bad action.

Users have also one issue during gameplay. When they use a compass and map locator on a table or other things, the game stopped. With the help of the Mojang team that’s issue has also been fixed in Minecraft PE 1.14 version.


  1. How I tame bee in Minecraft 1.14?
    Ans: you can only use flowers for it.
  2. How do I collect Honey?
    Ans: By the use of bottles you can collect honey.
  3. How do I get a honeycomb?
    Ans: By the use of scissors on nests.
  4. Can I get honey from flowers?
    Ans: No; you can’t get honey from flowers.

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