Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.5.3

Free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.5 with a lot of new features and new contents like aquatic version, bubble columns, and underwater conduit. In this update their many new improvements in gameplay and a lot of new achievements.

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.5

In Minecraft pocket edition v1.5 a lot of new features are added like; the aquatic version, bubble columns, and underwater conduit in this update. Undead mobs cannot swim in this update. In the Latest free Minecraft Mod Apk new oceans are also added and you can also check the new version of Free Minecraft PE v1.9.



In this update Minecraft’s developer introduced bubble columns which can be found all around the oceans. In fact, if a magma block or souls and block were placed in water, bubbles now result in that can either drag you under or push you to the surface.


In Minecraft pocket edition v1.5 a little bit of change in animals. In this, you can feed raw fish or salmon to dolphins. On the other hand, if zombies and husks spend too much time underwater, they are flooded. And dead bodies cannot swim too long in this update.


The Minecraft PE v1.8 conduit is one of the most outstanding updates. In this update little bizarre marine help in underwater decoration.

Conduit helps to produce energy in Minecraft pocket edition v1.5. And this energy will help players in underwater breathing and in night vision.

Minecraft Conduit

Conduit hit the mobs which are in this range. Its range varies from 32 to 96 blocks. Conduit also helps to blaze the surrounding area.

There is the only way to activate conduit is to build a building out of range of prismarine block. Conduit is made by the one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells. You only need to find a treasure map because a treasure chest always holds a heart.

New Achievements

There are a lot of new achievements in this update. By using the riptide effect with your trident you can get a “Do a barrel roll” achievement. There is another achievement by scoring four pickles in one block. You can get Echolocation and location of treasure by feeding dolphin salmon or raw fish.

Minecraft Barrel Roll

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.5 New Items

In Minecraft pocket edition v1.5 outstanding new items are added called tridents. Tridents have their powers and it is more beneficial for players. You can search through all the chests and take advantage of the greedy traders to find Loyalty, Channeling, Impaling, and Riptide.

As the player uses the trident underwater or when it rains, the Riptide charm propelled him. Additionally, it deals damage to the mobs in your propelling path.


  1. Can I make bubble columns?
    Ans: Yes; you can make it by soul san block underwater.
  2. What’s the favorite food of dolphins?
    Ans: Dolphin’s favorite food is raw fish or salmon.
  3. What’s the conduit range?
    Ans: Range of conduit from 32 to 96 blocks.

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