Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7.0

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7 is an excellent game for users in they can enjoy gameplay by adding blocks and constructing beautiful villages or worlds by building. In this gameplay, you can make an outstanding world with simple buildings. Players play games with creative mode and many other modes like crafting weapons mode and survival mode, in this game, there are also many other resources and deep mining.

New features in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7

Mojang teams released the Latest Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7 in which bundles of new content and items are added. Players play this new version with a lot of fun and joy. You can also check the more version by just on click on Minecraft PE v1.10.


Minecraft Aquatic

In this update, aquatic features are added. In this version new biome, new flowers, structures, new blocks, new grass, and many other unique items are added.


In Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7 there is new creative things are added like the chorus plant is a new item in Minecraft iOS Mod APK, now it is added in the nature lab.

Chorus Plant

Marketing in Minecraft also improved from an older version. Now you can call raw and cooked salmon a place of raw and cooked fish. In Minecraft 1.7 it appears that search results, filtering settings, and sorting settings are working properly now. Players face difficulty before that fixes.


In Minecraft 1.17 you can use a display board for showing results. As an example, in this update, you can kill a number of zombies. You can set your inventory according to your choice.

You can show all of the results on the display board or scoreboard. There is also one new feature added, which now can block the scoreboard or display board. This rule controls whether command blocks are available in the world as is evident from the name.

Items and Servers

Mojang teams update many new items and servers in this update. In this version, you can enjoy the new server The hive which is more interesting in gameplay.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Hive Server

This means you can expect a warm welcome from all around the world as well as generous, kind, and never-ending users. in this update, players can eat food.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.7 FAQ

  1. Can I make my own Score Board?
    Ans. Yes, you can make your own scoreboard by scoreboard command.
  2. How I can connect with the hive server?
    Ans. By opening the server list you can connect with the hive server.

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