Download Minecraft PE Prison Map 2022

Free download of Minecraft Prison Map in a multiplayer map in which you can break prison by completing different tasks.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Prison Map

In this Minecraft Prison Map 2022 of Minecraft unique features are added in that users can enjoy the game more as compared to a simple game. In casual player can only make a building and survive. In this map, players can see more challenging tasks and various difficulties. With the help of this map, players can enjoy more games and challenging tasks like prison breaking, battle, etc.

There are some parts of the prison map that are listed below:

  • Prison Escape
  • Big Prison
  • Prison Life
  • Failed Robbery
  • Prison Craft

Prison Escape

In this part of the Minecraft Prison Map, the player appears in a room, and the challenge for the player is to escape this prison safely. A broken block has been shown inside the room and there is also chest sand in the room.

Minecraft PE Prison Escape Map

When players put some sand in a special place secret places are open where players can easily escape from prison. One more interesting thing this map is easy and suitable for every version of the Minecraft pocket edition.

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Big Prison

After the simple installation of this Minecraft Prison Map player will appear in a small room. And suddenly a voice clip starts in which some clues are pointed out. By the use of these clues, players can break out of the prison easily. And one more thing there are keys to the gate that are also placed in secret places. Players find these keys and also can escape prison easily.

Prison Life

Prison Life is the part of prison map of Minecraft pocket edition. It contains a small yard or lawn where a football coat or some other playing activity occurs. Police and prisoners both can play there.

Failed Robbery

In this Free Download, Minecraft Prison Map failed robbery is one part of the prison map. And developers added some new features and new locations with a creative approach. Robbers trying to loot the national bank of the game. But sometimes they failed and the police arrested him and send them to prison.

Prison Craft

In this part of the Minecraft Prison Map, there is no plot. The total area of the gameplay is open and players will make according to their choice. One more interesting thing about this map players can also invite their friends and they can make rules according to their own choice. There are many locations on this map and you can also customize it according to you.


  1. How I install Prison map?
    Ans. Downloading links to all maps are provided on our site. Just go to MC APK and download your own choice map and enjoy it.
  2. How do I upload these maps in-game?
    Just download it by giving a link it will automatically upload in-game.

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