Download Minecraft PE RPG Map For Android/iOS 2022

Free Download Minecraft RPG Map 2022 for Minecraft Pocket Edition, in this survival map user, can play a lot of new things. Players can fight with boss and lizards and it can also do a lot of loot collecting and many more in this Minecraft RGP Map.

What’s new in Minecraft RPG Map?

RGP stands for Role Play Game and in Free Download Minecraft RPG Map 2022 users play games with Role-Play.  In this map of Minecraft PE, the nature of this map is already defined by its name. In this map of Minecraft, users play a very vital role in this map.

Minecraft RPG Map

When any player starts this map it will appear on open ground and the role of the player is to save all other players from Lizards and Boss. So This Minecraft RPG Map is one of the most thrilling and adventure full of all survival maps.


Dungeon Misty

In this Minecraft RPG Map, there is an interesting and exciting story of this map part. There is a lot of dangerous and difficult move on this survival map. In this Download Minecraft RPG Map 2022 players fight with a lot of hostiles mobs and go through many difficult tests. Players will also face many difficulties and fight with Dragon and hidden locations and dungeons. Only expert players can survive on this map.

Minecraft PE Dungeon

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The Story of the Free Download Minecraft RPG Map 2022 is very sad. A long time ago there is a Hydel village. Peoples love to visit this small village due to the kindness of the King of this village. Unfortunately, the dark wizard makes the king mad and dangerous with the help of a spell. King also made all peoples Mad from this spell and forced them to don’t leave the village.

The wizard becomes more powerful with the help of the king because with the help of the spell king is in Wizard’s hand. And wizards do what they want. Nobody can leave Hydel village and one-day legends say that some peoples come from Dungeon and make a day and save all people from Wizard.

Passing Level

In this Survival map when any player passes any level of Download Minecraft RPG Map 2022, it will move to another village. The player can live there and can restore their health and can also take more new equipment for the next level.

There is one most exciting and secret hind is that many new and unique types of equipment are placed behind the door. Players should find that door with the help of diamonds and then they will take all of this equipment.  After that, they can easily fight with the boss and can beat it.


  1. How I can find Secrets door for the latest equipment?
    ANS: You can find it easily with the help of diamonds Blocks.
  2. Is this map available on the lowest version of Minecraft?
    ANS: Yes; this map is available on every version of Minecraft You can easily download it from our site and enjoy it on all versions of Minecraft.

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