Download Minecraft PE School Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft School Map: Bringing the nostalgia to you of your fun and tiring school days.

What’s different in Minecraft School Maps?

Education is one of the most significant and major parts of life and the very first adventure too. We spend most of our time in school having to deal with homework, and never-ending tests. Memories of our school teachers, class fellows and fun at school are unforgettable.

Minecraft PE School Map

You can relive all your school life in school maps for Minecraft PE. It will bring all your recollections with its giant rooms, large and narrow corridors, and huge gyms. Download Minecraft School Map now and starts your adventures.

School and Town by Rexor03

The high school is definitely the highlight but there are so many more the explore. Places like city halls, libraries, stores, and avenues are also present on this Minecraft School Map. So, you won’t feel trapped in the school you did in your school.

However, school no doubt is an outstanding area, you will be getting so much space to hang out and have fun with your class-fellows in the Minecraft PE v1.18. Even there is a restaurant and a theater to enjoy.

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High school Roleplay map by Gator 1380

This Minecraft School Map is slightly different. It does have functionalities of the normal map but it is designed for roleplaying. Want to become a teacher? On the map, you can. And your friends will play your students.

Minecraft PE Roleplay Map

A lot of places to have fun like Chemistry labs, parking lots, cafeteria patio, and much more. Nothing about this map is dull.

Darkdean’sRainbow High School Map

Who does not like great aesthetics? This map has great color schemes and vibrant colorful places, which makes it an even more enjoyable visual experience.

Minecraft PE Rainbow View

Minecraft School Map features a massive town where you can have fun with your friends spending your holidays. You can experience great visuals while you play basketball, go swimming with your buddies, and explore the whole area.

Minecraft’s Basics: Chapter Two by MB Team Games

Don’t like wandering around without any purpose? If yes, then this map is for you. Minecraft’s Basics: Chapter Two has a storyline, interesting quests, and built-in add-ons.

According to the developers, your old school burned down and all students had to migrate to a new one. Baldi’s Basics Full Game Kickstarter Demoinspired this map still has Baldi’s in new school be careful don’t make mistakes. But, collect notebooks, search for mysterious rooms, buy new items and get out alive.

Your friend forgets your books, collect all 24 books. There are secret forbidden areas if the principal catches you there, you will get detention. Moreover, there are different areas to explore.

Minecraft School Map FAQ

  1. What modes this does map support?
    Survival and creative modes.
  2. Is multiplayer available?
    Yes, you can play with your friends.

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