Download Minecraft PE Single Block Map For Android/iOS 2022

Free download of new survival Map on a Minecraft Single Block Map 2022 in which users can see different types of new challenges.

Minecraft pocket edition Single Block Map

This Minecraft Single Block Map of Minecraft pocket edition brings a challenging mode that makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. In this challenging map, players will face a lot of interesting items and challenges.

Survive block is the most challenging map in the Minecraft pocket edition in which players should survive in one block which is more challenging as compared to other maps. And user enjoys this map a lot due to its challenging mode. And it is too much difficult to survive in a single block.

One Block Challenge

One block challenge is one of the most interesting maps in the Minecraft pocket edition in which players will survive only on one block. When players enter this Download Minecraft Single Block Map 2022 they will appear in a single block, Users can harvest this block and can also make a new block.

Minecraft PE One Block Map

When you enter this map there is nothing else than one block and when you start brake blocks they appear one by one another blocks. There is one more interesting thing it happened randomly and the user has no idea where lava or diamond ore are obtained in Minecraft pocket edition.

In this Map, players can’t break blocks and sometimes they miss their blocks. One more interesting piece of news for all Minecraft users you can enjoy all of these maps on every version of Minecraft.

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One Block

As above we discuss in this map, only one block appears when you enter the game. If the user destroys it then one more block appears automatically. This process repeats when you try to break the block.

Minecraft Single Block Map

But now there is some change now in this Download Minecraft Single Block Map 2022. This chest generates automatically when the user gets too much loot in Minecraft. This is a very excellent behavior by the Mojang team that makes the game more enjoyable.


  1. How do I get a single-block map?
    Click on the download button on our site you can easily download this map.
  2. In this map is it possible to kill the ender dragon?
    Yes, it is easy to kill the ender dragon on this map.

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