Download Minecraft PE Subnautica Map For Android/iOS 2022

Free Download Minecraft Subnautica Map 2022 for Minecraft Pocket Edition; in this map different new features are added and one more interesting thing that is added is an underwater mob in which they defend against hostiles.

Minecraft Subnautica Map Overview

Developers of Minecraft take an idea of this map from the Subnautica Game. Subnautica is also a game and the nature of the game is survival in this game players survive underwater and complete the tasks of the game.


Minecraft PE Subnautica Map

Now Minecraft lovers also enjoy this feature in Free Minecraft Pocket Edition as a Minecraft Subnautica Map. To download this map just come to our site link to the download button is provided in below. In this Minecraft Subnautica Map users can also call another friend in the underwater world and explore the world.

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Download Minecraft Subnautica Map 2022 is one of the most exciting maps this map author adds too many features and makes the map more interesting and attractive. The user plays this map the whole time underwater and uses many new features and other things. The author works too much add in making this map, this map is also so attractive due to its mobs and textures.

When players enter this map it will appear in a small location after this they can move in underwater. In this location, users can see a lot of o things that help in surviving and in other moves. By the use of these things, they can survive long in deep water. If users want to go in deep water they must wear an armor jacket before going into deep water. There are different types of armor jackets with their distance range listed below:

  • The leather jacket range is 108 to 143 Meters.
  • Iron jackets range from 73 to 107 Meters.
  • Gold Jacket range 36 to 72 Meters.
  • The Diamond Jacket range is 35 Meters.

Without this armor, the jacket player can’t survive more than 25 seconds in underwater. One more interesting thing is that player can also make their own armor in Minecraft Map.

Subnautica Base

When the author of these maps built the base of Download Minecraft Subnautica Map 2022, they got inspired by the original game base and they make the base without a storyline. This base is also made for users to play more challenging Gameplay with their friends that’s why this base is made up without a storyline. And this Minecraft Subnautica Map is perfect for computer game players.

Minecraft PE Subnautica Base Map


  1. Can I survive in underwater?
    Ans: Yes; you can survive underwater by wearing armor jackets. Without the jacket, you can only survive 25 seconds.
  2. Is this map available on the lowest version of Minecraft?
    Ans: Yes; it is available on all versions of Minecraft.

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