Download Minecraft PE TN City Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download the Minecraft Tn City Map: Run around the huge city having so much stuff to do in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft Tn City Map

There are a plethora of big city maps available for Minecraft PE all have specialties. Minecraft Tn City Map for Minecraft PE is quite popular among Minecraft PE fans.


Minecraft TN City Map Overview

This fan will amaze you with its greatly designed structures like skyscrapers, an airport, restaurants, and a fire station close to the airport. you would love the variety of aircraft models at the airport. almost all versions of the game support this map so compatibility won’t be an issue.


No city is complete without restaurants and hotels. You will get to explore restaurants that will feel right out of your dreams on the TN city map. choose from many options available.

You will love the restaurant with the name Mushroom on the outer part of the map. you can enjoy mushroom soups that are just amazing and healthy. Mushroom soup will keep you sated for a long time.

Players can also visit the famous KFC on the TN City map and enjoy the food that they love. The fun will be even more with your friends. So, bring your gang to play.

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The airport

The airport portion of this map Minecraft PE Airport Map is one of the best-designed areas as it has everything that you will find in a real airport. there are several models of the plane that will be waiting for you to examine. The airport Is on the other end of the spawn location so you will have to go through the whole Minecraft TN City Map exploring its amazing location and secrets.

Minecraft TN City Airport

Fire station and police station

Next to the airport, you will notice the huge fire station on the Download Minecraft TN City Map 2022 for Minecraft PE. One of the most prominent things that will see, is the red helicopter that is specifically for emergency situations.

On the left hand, there is the police station and also there is a hospital also near it. You can find all the medical help from there. You can seek help anytime you want to and doctors will always be available for you in this Minecraft pocket edition map.

Other buildings

In the heart of the Download Minecraft Tn City Map 2022, you will be able to visit the vast construction site. Furthermore, don’t forget to go to the yellow crane that will be there next to the construction site. Also, many houses and giant skyscrapers will be there. There will be a lot of places to take shelter on this MCPE map.


  1. How are maps installed in Minecraft PE?
    Ans: Simply download and run the file. Maps will be automatically imported into Minecraft PE.
  2. Is this map available on every version?
    Ans: Yes; this map is available on every version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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