Download Minecraft PE Village Map For Android/iOS 2022

Download Minecraft Village Map: Experience the incredibly designed castles, huge buildings, and small areas on this map.

What can you find in Minecraft Village Map?

Minecraft Village Map community usually complains about the small size of the maps. Minecraft PE players are always keen to explore more and more. The Minecraft Village Map brings huge territory to explore and have fun with.


Minecraft PE Village Map Overview

In Village Maps for Minecraft PE, you will get everything you has wanted like giant castles, well-designed building, and much more. Moreover, this map brings medieval touch to the game as you will find knights and warriors all around this Minecraft PE Batcave Map.

TRG Village

TRG Minecraft Village Map is one of the greatest maps out there. From interior to exterior every element of this Minecraft PE map is magnificent. This map is based on the 1300s and features medieval styles that you will surely love.

Minecraft PE TRG Village Map

On this Map, there is an amazingly designed medieval town having so many so much to explore. In the middle of town, there is a huge castle. There are shops, some well-designed gardens, and other exciting stuff is hidden that you will find out about while hanging out.

There won’t be a lack of food as there is so much fertile land for you. This map has great defenses to save villagers from Minecraft PE threats. This one is definitely worth your time give it a try!

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DJs Castle Hide and Seek

DJ’s Castle hide and seek will give you everything to have fun in Minecraft PE. Creators have built amazing castles and minigames on this map. This Minecraft Village Map brings two genres into one setting.

Minecraft PE Dj Hide and seek Map

The Role-play element gives this Minecraft PE hide and seeks Map an amazingly unique flavor. As it is obvious from the name hide and seeks, one player will have to hide at the best suitable place and other players will have to find the first one. Rules are quite simple but the game could get frustrating if you can’t find others.

Other than that, there are so many places to explore and hide. Castle has gigantic stables, kitchens, dungeons, and dormitories waiting for you. this map’s multiplayer feature is the cherry on the cake that multiplies the fun. So, bring your friends and challenge them.

Minecraft Village Map FAQ

    Ans: Castles are gigantic structures.
    Ans: Yes, just be brave enough the handle the challenges.

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