Download Minecraft PE White House Map For Android 2022

Download Minecraft White House Map 2022 feel the power of the president of the United States in this Minecraft PE map.

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Minecraft White House Map

Download Minecraft White House Map 2022 has a lot to offer, from the main residential building of the president to the well-designed surrounding areas. The creators did a phenomenal job putting this map together. All the buildings, parks, and the whole structure is top tier.

Additionally, this map will make you feel like the most authoritative person with its role-playing feature. You are definitely going to love your tenure as the president.

Minecraft White House Map

White House

Of course, as from the name you can imagine this map is all about the great white house of the United States. You will be able to play as president and experience his power. You will also discover the workplace of the president. If you wanted to be president or aspired to visit the White House, you are for sure going to love every aspect of this Minecraft White House Map 2022.

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Main Building

In the very center of the White House location for Minecraft PE, there is a majestic mansion. The central entrance is decorated with columns, and you can get inside by climbing the stairs.

The main attraction of the map is the White House which is located at the center of this map. this huge mansion has stairs at the entrance that will take you inside the mansion and the entrance has beautiful columns too.


On the Minecraft White House Map, there is so much more than just the residential building of the president of the United States. You will experience the great structures surrounding the main building. While you stroll around you will notice a huge plantation that includes many trees and plants.

This area is such a fun place as you can enjoy the hide and seek with your buddies. So, bring your friends and have fun. Don’t forget to visit the garden in the backyard that will mesmerize you with its beautiful scenery and flowers.


The Interior is just so beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. You will notice the things that we call luxuries. There are very well-designed rooms and huge interiors. The map is huge and takes so much time to explore.

Minecraft PE White House Map

Other features

One will definitely praise the efforts of the creators after they will see this incredible map. the interior and the exterior are just perfectly done. The creators did a great job making it as realistic as the real White House.

however, you can always add stuff to the original map by downloading additional textures for Minecraft PE. Additionally, another plus point is this map’s support for earlier versions of the game. You won’t face compatibility issues whatsoever.



  1. Can I play this map on Every Version?
    ANS: Yeah, it has a multiplayer feature so no worries. And you can play it on every version.
  2. Is this map easy to download?
    ANS: By just clicking on the download button you can easily downlaod this map.

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