Download Minecraft PE Who’s Your Daddy Map 2022

Download Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map: experience the fear of seeing your child die right in front of you.

Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map Overview

Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map is very popular among the Minecraft pocket edition community. In this Minecraft PE map, there should be two players. one will play as a suicidal child and the other will play as a desperate father trying to save the child.

Minecraft Who's Your Daddy Overview

The child will try to kill himself in every way possible and on the other hand father will try to keep him safe. Father will have to keep an eye on the child and keep dangerous stuff away from him. If the child succeeds then the father loses the game.

The game starts after both players read the instructions and rules of this Minecraft Pocket Edition map and enter the house. There is a timer too in this minigame. After the run ends whoever succeeds in his mission is victorious.

Ground floor

After entering the house, you will be on the first floor of the house. You can get the information needed to play the game in a room where you find tablets containing necessary information about the Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map Minecraft Minigame Map.

Minecraft PE Daddy Map Ground Floor

You can set the difficulty to Peaceful which will prevent any interruption by hostile mobs. Then there comes the second player after that you guys will have to choose the role of either father or child.

You should better select skin depending on the roles. On the ground floor, you can explore the kitchen and bathroom. The child will try to get out of the broken window of the kitchen to drown himself in the pool outside.

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Second floor

On the ground floor of Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map minigame, you will find a large staircase that will take you to the second floor. The second-floor portion of the map consists of four rooms. You must keep in mind is that child can use the staircase to damage himself. So, be careful.

Minecraft PE Daddy Map Second Floor

One room is the child’s room where you can find toys, the bed of the child, and there is something useful there as well that is slug toy having knockback enchantment.

You can find a sword in another room with a knockback enchantment that is specifically for the father to help him out. There are potions to restore lives and cause harm on this very Minecraft Pocket Edition Map.

Father can restore the damage through lives restoring portion caused by the child using harmful portions. Quite handy!

Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Map FAQ

  1. Is this map is easy to install?
    Ans: Yes; you can easily install this map.
  2. Can I play this map on an older version of Minecraft?
    Ans: Yes you can play it on all versions of Minecraft

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